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Mooring winches

DENED mooring winches are designed for chains up to 76 mm with hydraulic or electric drive, with or without drums and warp head. Standard features include fabricated steel construction, gears hardened to exceed workload requirements, clutched and braked drum and corrosion resistance. We can customize windlasses to suit your application and special business requirements.

DENED windlasses and mooring winches have a solid design and heavy duty split bronze bearings. The brake and clutch control mechanism is designed for easy and safe manual operation, but can also be operated remotely by hydraulic cylinders. The brakes are easily adjustable. The winch design provides easy access to all points for lubrication and inspections.

Most important features:

  • Electric, high pressure & low pressure hydraulic drive.
  • Up to 76mm chain size.
  • Manual brake and clutch
  • Flexible design according to the customer's wishes.


  • Voltage Control
  • Remote control
  • Measure chain length.
  • speed measurement
  • Bridge Operated Anchor Trap